One Mistake

What can one mistake do? May it be the simplest of mistakes or the most offensive sorts, i know what it can do. It can surely ruin even the best of relationships. It can hurt deeply inside a worried lover’s heart. It can lose one’s most sacred trust. This is most true with the mistakes of infidelity and dishonesty in a relationship may it be romantic, family or business and work. Some mistakes can only be forgiven with time, and I mean a very long time. For some people a mistake can be forgiven but not forgotten, for in the memory of the mistake can the person learn the lessons of life. An innocent mistake even though it sounds less obnoxious is still a folly that carries consequences that affects countless people for so long time.
Throughout the course of History, mistakes from the past are still repeated over and over and over. Even with the advent of advanced technology and telecommunication, people, states and nations still commit the same mistakes. You might have thought that by now we know better, but we only learn its lesson for a while and start to rebuild the new way and course of a much innovative but equally destructive form of it for the future generations to experience and figure out on how to solve it and learn from it again. It’s a cycle i guess.
For me, I have learned what my mistake taught me. I saw the person that I truly love get hurt really bad. I saw her eyes change from love to fury. I heard her voice change from sweet to bitter and I almost saw the end of my so perfect life and love. We always hear the adage that we only realize what we got only until its gone. I for a split second thought that those words will be the theme of my life but God is good and she’s very kind that amidst my mistake, she still accepted and loved me more and more. Im the luckiest guy this side of the world, I almost became the biggest douche to have lost the greatest love and blessing of his life.
Note to self: learn from your mistakes and never ever commit the same mistake again. Bow.


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