Food Taste

It was a very tiring day both for me and my wife, but we still have to go to this food tasting for our wedding caterer. We went there near Panay avenue, in a small office space was a round table with plating set for three, since the tasters will be me and my wife plus my mother in law. The table setting was very simple but nice and definitely not the arrangement my wife has in mind. We met the chef and her crew. We actually met her in the NBC tent where a wedding fair was being held. That time she was very busy with another client so we settled for a small portion food taste of pasta (two kinds, one red sauce with jalopeno which I absolutely loved and one with white sauce base with beef, also very good and sumptous. We were impressed and settled for a calling card instead so that we can keep our options open and try to see what she can offer. There were so many caterers that day. Ranging from the very famous and expensive, to the very cheap and unknown and those who beg to be different from the usual pack. Flavors on Fire belonged to the last one.
We were first served with Lemongrass Tea. It was delicious and very refreshing! I was really surprised on how smooth and cool it washed down through my parched throat. It taste like Halls or Max candy in a form of a cold drink. So far so good. The next was a pumpkin base soup called Cream of Butternut Squash with Garlic Croutons. It sounds good and it definitely tastes even better. Next I tasted the first of the two pastas prepared. Linguini Pormodoro. A tomato based pasta whch I instantly liked. Next stop were the three entrees of poisson A la Meuniere (french style fish steak in brown butter sauce) which became my true favorite because its very creamy with a balance of sweet and salty but with a very distinct texture and taste which sets it apart from the usual cream fish steaks served in hotels and other large gatherings. I’m telling you, this one is worth the four month wait. Gai Phad King (Thai Stled Stir Fried Chicken with ginger, mushrooms and herbs), not your usual chicken but still I am sure you’ll love it just as we did. Yes its Thai but for those who are not a fan, this dish deserves tasting before you judge it unfairly. It will not alienate you with its herbs and spices but rather entice you to be a little more sophisticated in eating your chicken. I must admit I’m not a Thai dish lover but this chicken entree made me lean more in giving Thai cooking a chance in my future gastronomic endeavors. Last was the Braised Porkloin in Italian Sauce. Simply put…it was pork bathed in italian cream sauce and herbs that incorporated well with the very tender slice of pork. Dessert was nostalgic for me personally. They served black sticky rice, another thai inspired dish. This sticky rice pudding in coconut cream brought me back to my childhood when my lola used to cook Biko for meryenda. The pudding served, for me was just Biko sexed up to be more classy, but amidst all that I can only think of one thing every time I shove a teaspoon of that sticky rice in my mouth, the memory of childhood and my lola’s cooking and for that alone, I loved the dessert. After all me and my wife intend to partake not just food and drink to the guests on the reception on our wedding day but an experience. An experience that will hopefully take you places without leaving the reception and trek you down memory lane without having to travel through time. It was just a simple food taste but for us it was a big start of good things yet to come.