John Legend All of Me Tour

My wife, God Bless her soul, with all her stress at work can still manage to find luck and brush up on perks from her desk job as a marketing personnel. She got two Patron seat tickets for the John Legend All of Me Tour for free! She has been planning to buy tickets for us because JL’s song “All of Me” is her absolute favorite. She plays it all the time, on her iPad, Car stereo and in her phone. She just can’t get enough of the song. I began to listen to John Legend during his breakout song “Ordinary People” and I must say, that song is  beautifully written, and soulfully sung. You can just feel the emotions of the song and you can’t help but at times use the same words when you’re having an argument with your partner. His songs after that were still very good but not as perfect as the first. Until this song came along this year. I was not a fan from the first listen, but since it is a hit song, I downloaded it. As I began to listen to the song in the car, it grew on me. First it was the piano, then the John Legend soul of a voice and lastly the words, which I think is the most important element of the song. It is one of those rare songs that reinvented the way you say “I Love you so  much”, “You rock my world”, and “You are so beautiful and you are mine”. John Legend has once again just made it easy for a guy to sweeten his way into a lady.

He never disappointed. His voice is so powerful, passionate and expressive. His piano skills is impeccable. His play of voice is tastefully done and his segues are perfect with all his jokes and what nots. It was one of those great concerts and it was made perfect because of my companion – my life, my love, my wife.

Honey and I JLIMG_6044


As One

The National Statistics Office data showed that there were 202,614 civil marriages last year (2012), 35% of this were solemnized in the Catholic Church. I can proudly say that I am part of those statistics. Let me reminisce some of the processes that I personally went through to prepare for and face the the reality that my life as a bachelor will soon be over.

It all started with engagement. Honestly the proposal was not that sweet and spectacular as those posted on youtube or those themed and public engagements that are rampant in the world today. I hae heard and watched so much about thees engagements but for me as soon as I got the Ring, I rushed to see her and just popped the question inside the car in a very hot afternoon in May of 2011. She laughed and then cried and I guess happy because its hard to cry and laugh at he same time unless you have some screws loose which she doesn’t have.

A barrage of announcements and celebrations soon followed and after all that the real joys and pains of preparation slowly began to creep inside our heads (and pockets).

I began to be a denizen of Wedding fairs and Expos left and right. From the SMX Convention center, to the Tent of the Fort and to the Megatrade Halls of SM Megamall. Its an hour of at least walking around the the different displays and exhibits. You can see and fit wedding and engagement rings. Try to ride and feel the comfort of your Wedding car which varies from Benzes to Chryslers and Porsches. Talk to a designer regarding you and your entourage’s themed dress. You can talk to make up artists, listen to wedding bands and negotiate over your flower and table arrangements. You can load up on wedding cakes and caterers by trying some of their best tasting menus and treats. I know I did, especially when I chanced upon Ms Joy San Gabriel’s heavenly treats. From her cakes and her smooth and delectable marshmallow cupcakes plus her little bites of brazo de mercedes heaven (my personal favorite…actually all her goodies are my favorites). We got her cupcakes with topper as our “wedding cake”.

We traversed through the endless aisles and rows of exhibits  Collecting a mountain of leaflets and brochures of different size and color along the way. My wife and I were in dire need of a caterer that’s unique and affordable. The big names of catering were all over the exhibits with their grand food tastings and unlimited freebies that will surely attract the untrained and gullible couples. We chanced upon a small but interesting caterer who captivated our taste buds with her unique pastas I think we taeted 3 different kinds of pasta which all tasted great.