365 days…

An average person walks around 245 kilometers in a year…
Of those enormous kilometers, it took me just a small number of that distance and a hell lot of self convincing and self confidence just to go straight up to you, give you those chocolates and flowers and officially tell you that I like you…

It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown…
In my case, it didn’t just take 17 muscles to smile, every time I get to see and be with you, because every cell, tissue and muscle in my body is excited and elated just by the sight of you.

The average person eats about 1500 pounds of food in a year…
After September 8 last year, I think I have eaten more than this because with you, eating is an art form. It has to be beautiful (delicious and tasty), and pleasurable to both the body and the soul. I admire you for knowing what to eat, how to eat it and where to eat. You brought back my passion for good food and good eats.

In a year a person’s heart beats 40,000,000 times…
It took my heart just one very strong and vibrant beat this day last year when you told me that you love me, to know that it will never beat the same boring thump ever again. My heart has been beating with gusto, music and love ever since and will do so for the rest of my life.

It has been a blessed year honey of Love. I can never thank the Lord above enough of how blessed I am when he gave you to me. I never thought that Love and life can be this simple and beautiful. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, but all of it is an integral part of our growing up process. A process that I know will take a lifetime. A lifetime that I will spend with you filled with gratitude, respect, support, trust, LOYALTY, FIDELITY and LOVE. I hope this blog makes sense because it is being written inside Jollibee with people chattering and Christmas songs already playing in the background.

I love you Honey. Again thank you. Thank you for everything.

Happy Anniversary!!!


Just one of God’s so many blessings

As I sit here in this long and very comfortable couch, watching Freestyle live in concert in my temporary TV set, I just can’t help but thank the Lord for all the blessings. As I scan my eyes through all the small corners of my place, I can’t help but give gratitude to Him. As I see the simple yet functional fixtures and small appliances that surround me, again I can’t thank the Lord enough for He is the one who provided me with all these things. In retrospect, I can’t even remember how I was able to start and finish this project which my fiancée call Luna.

It all started December of 2009. There was something in me that snapped and said that I need to invest in something. I’m not getting any younger plus I don’t have a real savings account that I can be proud of. Browsing through an internet buy and sell site, I came upon this ad saying that I can own a condo for just Php 7,787 a month. I was curious and everyday I kept on checking that ad but I was still not doing something about it. Finally, after three months of continuous searches, I got the guts and time to see the condo for myself. I met the agent and he showed me the bare and furnished unit. I liked it but for how much? Seeing the sample computation, I thought, I can do this but I have to sacrifice some things of comfort and luxury for me to pay the mortgage and especially the first 6 months, the equity, which is very steep. I began to be reluctant but I said to myself, I can’t have anything or something if I keep on hindering myself with this attitude of cowardice and hesitation. I decided then to push through not knowing how I can pay the equity. God has so many powerful ways of blessing his children. I received an email with the formal computation of my equity and my God indeed! It was lower than the earlier computation. I was so thankful and told myself that maybe it was God’s way of saying that I should go on with this project. I was very jovial and again very thankful.

I was able to pay the monthly equity and then started to pay the mortgage. Then Bernice came along. She put the moral, physical and financial support in this project that I so desperately needed. She made it all beautiful. As for me, I would’ve moved in ASAP with just the bare necessities in a bare condo. We received the keys to the future last April 30 and we began the month and a half process of turning a box into an art.

We searched and asked for friends who can help us with the improvement of the unit, but in the end we chose to go with the in-house project because they had a wonderful promo offer for our unit.Every weekend, we try to visit and monitor the progress of the unit improvement. this was the time that I was introduced to Wilcon and MC home depot. These establishments are filled with just about everything that you need to build a house. They have everything! I was amazed on how many things that i never thought our small unit needed until I saw them inside Wilcon and Home Depot. We shopped for tiles, wood laminates, shower fixtures, lighting fixtures and kitchen fixtures. Sure, we made some rookie mistakes along the way but overall, it was fun, exhausting and expensive at the same time.

The next phase comes the appliances and pieces of furniture. Bernice influenced me on this aspect big time. She showed how one furniture can be simple, beautiful and reasonably priced.Her take on things like color, space and material opened my closed sentiments on how I want the unit to look. Again it was fun, tiring and a bit expensive.

The project became a therapy for me, every time I see an improvement, endorphins were released which in turn makes me happy. Luna was like chocolate to me.

Yesterday, August 31, 2011 at exactly 9:15 am, we were able to move in finally. I wanted to move in on an earlier date but the Ghost month prevented us from doing so. After some prayer and good luck rituals, I can ultimately say that my investment is worth it and again for the nth time I thank God for all his blessings. God truly provides.

This little space will be my family’s home for some time to come,but for now its just me and Bernice. Soon an angel will come and with God’s almighty hand everything will be complete

Dream, pray achieve and give thanks.

Are they really Filipino?

The Philippine Azkals lost to Kuwait with the score of 5-1 aggregate. I thought that it was a nice run for them but the Azkals are so overrated! Yes there, i said it. They’re overrated and they (mostly at least) are not true blooded Filipinos. I have nothing against them, its just that we, the Filipino public are too enamored with Foreigners with minute traces of Filipino blood and cultural exposure in them. The media is mostly to blame for this.The media will over-hype these half breeds as if they are our own. Example: An extra from a Hollywood film with a small acting exposure…grew up in the states… Filipino? British and European born rugby and soccer players, not knowing a single Filipino word…Filipino? A kid born and raised in Canada who happens to sing a cover of Lady Gaga’s song who’s now here in manila to make money because of her Youtube fame…Filipino? Collegiate and Professional cagers, again who are born and raised in the states playing here and making tons of money, when in fact these players were mostly rejects from college and NBA teams in the US. What do we call them? “Filipinos”. We should stop all these foolishness and I think it should start with the media who keeps on providing precious news time to this very nugatory personalities. We should start to appreciate, respect and love our own true blooded Filipinos. The Pacquiaos, the Bata Reyes, the Charisse Pempengcos, Arnel Pinedas. These guys are born, raised, taught and fed Filipino. They know how the Filipinos think. They know how it feels to be a true Filipino who is poor but determined to succeed using only the talents, skills and perseverance that is intrinsic in them. These people are not looked upon for their physical qualities but for their contribution in the uplifting of the Filipino name around the world. Another good example is the Philippine Dragonboat Racing Team. They are cash strapped and sponsor-less. Our government doesn’t even acknowledge and support what this team is capable of. In fact we are the defending champions in this sport. Their international counterparts know and respect the skills and training mindset of our dragonboat team. They are the ones who we should give our support financially and morally. Big business should be keen in spotting true Filipino talent when they see one for all their big monetary support and endorsements. Now the team is working so hard to get the money for the plane fare and hotel accommodations that they need to compete for the championship in the states this year. Its nice to hear that through social media, people are lending support even letting them borrow some of the very essential rowing equipments that are so expensive when brought brand new.
Its time for us to mature as a nation and observe past the superficial and trivial. Now is the time to find, appreciate and support the true Filipino talents because with them, even for a fleeting moment, we can be proud that our national anthem is sang and our flag raised because we the Filipinos are truly proud and at par with the rest of the world.

No straws friday…

It took me by surprise when Jollibee didn’t give a drinking straw for my soda. I asked one of the service crews why they don’t provide the straw. Was it because they ran out of straws? The answer he gave me is incredible for my standards. “Sir we don’t give straws because it’s “no straw Fridays”. I then asked whats with the straw and its relation to Friday? He said that Fridays for Jollibee is an Eco-friendly day. What the f**k, right? You think that with one straw saved, this giant of a fast food chain can claim that they are now earth friendly. Let’s analyze this one for size. My order alone of a burger, fries and soda is already filled up with plastic waste enough to clog a small household septic tank if not disposed of properly. Multiply that by almost a million or two million times over and you have the earth shouting for help because of all these plastic wastes that will take more than a thousand years to be properly consumed by the soil. I try my best to be an advocate of earth friendliness. I try to limit the carbon imprint that I live behind everyday. It’s sad to see tons and tons of plastics being produced, disposed and burned into our land, soil and water. Since they are non-biodegradable, they will live a definitive wasteful and harmful mark on the environment. This in turn will cause flooding, air pollution, chemical degradation of our underground water that can then result in disease and poisoning to the millions and millions of inhabitants in this planet we call earth.If Jollibee really wants to make a difference and really take this Eco friendly campaign seriously, I guess they should start not with the removal of those very important straws (eating my burger and fries almost choked me without the straw in my soda, since I have to open the top lid) but they should slowly and significantly decrease their plastic wastes output in the environment. Then that will be time I can say that Jollibee is Earth Friendly. Earth friendliness for me is not just a campaign that you can put into a marketing logo and exploit but it is a serious advocacy that requires drastic changes and sacrifices in the way we live our life and the way we treat this planet of ours.

Answering a question from a turtle…

A new stuffed, soft, cuddly and cute turtle once asked me a simple question. I was on my way to greenhills one rainy afternoon when suddenly a slow and sleepy voice asked the question: How is she as a person and as a partner? I was never bothered nor scared about the talking turtle, what I’m a bit petrified was answering his question. I replied, “Why do you want to know?” He said that every stuffed toy’s life depends on how how good or bad its owner is. Oh OK, I never thought of that but it makes sense. As I spoke the words describing his new owner, my brain suddenly lit and a smile was very visible in my face. I told him that she is very kind especially to her friends and her love ones. She is very generous, not because she has a lot but because she wants to always help and give people whatever she may have and whatever it is that they may need. She is funny. Don’t be deceived by her piercing eyes, I am telling you she is funny in a very special way. She loves to travel, which is very good for you my friend, because you might not know, she might bring you with her in her endless pursuit to find the beautiful things this world has to offer. She definitely loves to eat. Eating for her is an art. It is done with utmost appreciation and grace. She can talk and debate for minutes and even hours about something that she ate or some place that she ate in. It is a joy to converse and listen to her. She loves to shop, but don’t worry, she doesn’t shop for stuffed toys. Shopping for her is a therapy. It brings her joy and calmness in her spirit. She is very thoughtful. She can imagine and do things that nobody can just to tell someone that she misses him or that she loves him. He can go through great lengths just for a very simple message of care and love. She is not only generous but she is also selfless. Everything will be done for her loved ones first before her own . She doesn’t mind being second or third in line so as long that her love ones come first. She is beautiful. her beauty is like the cherry blossoms of Japan in spring time. Her beauty is like the Boracay shore in the early morning summer. It’s like the northern lights in Europe during the winter. Her beauty is pristine, perfect and breath taking. Lastly, she is my future wife. She is my future and she is my Love, my Life.

So I’m telling you turtley, you are in very good hands, cuddle her and always be there when she needs you.

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